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Zorbent® was originally developed to help clean up the Rocky Flats Nuclear plant in Colorado, helping to remove 1.3 million cubic meters of waste. The formulation had to be 100% environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-irritating, and that same formulation safely cleans up household messes today.

Drip Mats and Rolls

Effective at containing leaks and spills, and can be reused. Place them along spill-prone areas to collect liquids and keep a clean environment.

Flood Bags

Ideal for entryways (doors, garages, windows), diverting flood water, and controlling ice melt and gutter run off. Easily stackable, available in 2ft or 4ft lengths.

Floor Pads

Ideal for workstation areas, protecting any surface from tool grease, paint spills, and more. Non-slip backing, can be cut to size as needed.

Flood Barriers

Flexible barriers that conform to various shapes. Easily stackable, absorbs water on contact. Available in 5ft, 10ft, or 17ft lengths.
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